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If you would like to read the ongoing story, please visit my original site on blogger. I will no longer be updating this site as a mirror.

For a synopsis and a who’s who in The Story, go here: Who’s Who


As many of you know, I’ve been using my computer to crunch molecules with Oxford for the last two years on The Grid. The project there has concluded. The good news is there are many more projects we can put our computer resources to work on and several of them can be found at the World Community Grid such as:

  Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Project
Genome Comparison Project
Help Defeat Cancer Project
Human Proteome Folding – Phase 2 Project
FightAIDS@Home Project
How Grid Computing Works

If you believe in putting your spare cpu cycles to good use, please consider joining team Bravo on the WCG. We started Bravo today. Autumn was the first to join. Any and all are welcome to work with us and many, many more around the world in doing what we can to support research. The project works with either PCs or Macs, so all my Apple friends, you’ve got no reason not to join us now.

To get started requires just two steps and less than five minutes of your time. Download the agent and then join team Bravo. That’s it. Your computer will do everything else just like a screensaver, which is to say, it only processes data when you are not. I’ve been crunching molecules with more than 10 computers with a total cpu time that exceeds 20 years and I’ve had zero problems running the program on my desktops and laptops. Please consider joining us in a cause that will cost you no time and no money but with the promise of making a difference in the lives of your children (and maybe even us) with the research we support today.

Download the Agent HERE

Then join team Bravo HERE

Getting in the Spirit

Wishing all my friends a happy and safe holiday season.


I’ve finally complied The Story into a single file, which is why you may have seen my blog change from black to white and back again (had to change it in order to capture black text for cutting and pasting as I quickly realized white text on a white page was a little hard to read).

No worries, the soul of DT is black background–the images and ambiance simply fit the story and the images best. My question, however, is this: If there are those that find reading the story with black text on a white background much easier on the eye, I’m willing to perhaps change for a day or two each week (beta blogger makes changing colors about as easy as it can be so really no extra work to do so). Give me your feedback in comments please. Of course, if everyone is fine with the traditional white text on black background there is no reason to alternate.

A few stats on The Story to date:

Chapters (postings): 190
Images: 221
Word Count: 68, 866
Pages (single spaced–sans images–size 12 font) 203


Congratulations to Bean for winning the contest for a sketch by guessing correctly the model used for Caitlin. Bean, you earned it. Enjoy. For those that have not been to Bean’s site, Notbean, please stop by for a fantabulous blogging experience.

Free Hugs

Thanks Helen for opening my eyes to this incredible video. Peace and Love.

Please help me give a very warm welcome to Bean, or is it Notbean, I’m never quite sure. She hails from Australia with her two dogs Whacky Tail and Wiggle Bottom and her special little boy, Rotnik the cat. If you haven’t visited her blog, you are in for a treat. Bean’s talent with the pen must be experienced to be understood.

When asked if she had done anything fun, she responds with this dreamy answer: Fed stray cats in the ruins of Delphi, Greece. Camped out in the Western desert, Egypt. Swam with sting-rays and turtles in Peurto Angel, Mexico. Sipped mai tais on the Chao Praya, Bangkok, Thailand. Relaxed naked in a hot spring overlooking the forest in Central Japan. Watched deer drinking from a stream in the Rockies, BC Canada. Fished off basalt cliffs in Taranaki, New Zealand. Slept on the beach in San Diego, US. And so much more in my home country, the wide-brown land.

Bean, welcome to the team. You will find this group one of the more caring and compassion collection of individuals in the entire frailing universe. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you onboard this fantabulous international team of cancer fighting comrades.

Growing Pains

As I tried to leave a comment on Terry’s blog a few minutes ago, I was confronted with this message from Blogger:

Account Moved to a Google Account

The account you’ve just logged in with, tgeorge123, has been merged with the Google Account

You will need to log in to the new version of Blogger in beta with your Google Account.

Log in to the Blogger beta

Unfortunately, you cannot post a comment on a non-beta blog or claim a mobile blog using your Google Account. These features are coming soon.

Seems there are a few growing pains with the transition to beta.blogger. If you don’t see me commenting on your blog, please know it is not from lack of trying. Jenni, I had this problem with your site a few days ago although I was able to leave a comment on Autumn’s site this morning. Soon, I hope, Blogger will sort out commenting issues as they transition to the new Blogger.


Apparently, Anon comments will still work, both ways, if Blogger refuses to cooperate, which seems to be hit and miss.

Prayers for Kayla

If you have a minute to spare, the young lady above, Kayla, could use a few thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow morning, Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) will claim her right leg via a surgeon’s knife. She is sixteen.

From my friend Karen’s blog:

A member of our family, Susan’s niece, Kayla has been battling Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) since April. Kayla has an incredible spirit and has the bravery of an army despite only being 16. She has kept fighting despite chemotherapy wiping away her energy, it has not squashed her spirit. Tomorrow at 7am EST, Kayla will have her right leg amputated. I cannot imagine how scared she is or what she’s going through but she’s still fighting – fighting for her life.

Kayla and her family, as well as Susan’s family, need our thoughts and prayers. If you could, tomorrow morning, say a prayer for them, or send some good thoughts their way. It may not seem like much to do, but I have felt everyone’s thoughts and prayers last year when I was fighting for my life and I know it works and it means more than words can express.

Kayla’s response to the initial outpouring of support:

Kayla said…Hello fellow bloggers online This is Kayla, the niece you have been keeping in your prayers and rooting hard for. I just dropped by to say how much I appreciate all of your kind wishes and thoughts and how I was absolutely over whelmed when I recieved papers and papers of messages from all over the world, never mind, the country!!! ^_^ It made me so happy to see the response from people and it totally gave me the boost I needed. ^^ Thank you, every one!! I am most grateful!! Cancer has touched every individual in one way or the other. No matter how hard you struggle to avoid it, it manages to infect even the purest soul. =( But you know what? That’s the thing with hope and faith. It never lets the darkness corrupt. It fights it until the very end. And even when fighting seems like the very last thing you’d want to endure any longer, even when the pain seems so undurable, innerly and physically…..You fight it. Why bother? It’s the only way to survive. Life has much meaning and I plan to decipher it through this battle. I promise you I plan on coming out of this as a gleaming champion because there is no way in hell I am letting a stupid, insignifigant tumor take me!! *kills it with sword* MUHAHAHA! DIE tumor!! ^__^ I may not look the same as I did before, but then again, I don’t think the same either. o__O Funny how that works, yes?

Update (from her Aunt): 9/1

Kayla is doing very well.

Thankyou everybody for your support. Our prayers were heard. She got safely through surgery and recovery. She is now back in her room on the oncology ward.

On top of that, Keith called us this evening, with more good news!

When Kayla went in for surgery, She wasnt sure how much of her leg the surgeons would be able to save. She is glad that they were able to use the prefered tecnique called Van Nes Rotationplasty, which leaves a good basis for a prosthesis. That means she will have the greatest mobility possible. She still has alot of rough days ahead, but with her determination and alot of hard work she will be able to do so many things. She is tired and in some pain, but seems pleased with how things went. Tommorrow they plan on getting her up out of bed to try standing. I forget to ask if she will be useing crutches or a walker. She has to learn to balance herself properly. She has apparently already looked at her leg, some people take much longer to psych them selves up to view the results of the surgery. When family went in, she asked them if they wanted to see too! That says alot to me about how well she is going to cope.

Venus Hum

Initial impressions from last night’s performance at the Mercy Lounge—in incomplete sentences:

A voice sublime, control masterful, depth apparently unlimited, neither strained nor subdued, modulated with artisan flair and delivered with effortless elegant ease. Her smile, contagious, infectious, beautiful and seductive. Her eyes, brilliant, dancing, alive, communicating a present moment here and now joy with every glance. Movement fluid, dynamic, melding uniquely with each individual rhythm, at times like silk in a spring breeze and at other times spontaneously released with playful abandon. A spirit youthful and sophisticated; optimistic and circumspect; joyful and introspectively soulful.

Her voice simply must be heard live to understand and appreciate the gift she embodies and delivers to her audience. Thanks Annette, Tony and Kip for a performance that exceeded all of my lofty expectations. All the best with The Colors In the Wheel.