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What Would Grow?

“Kyra, is there anything I can get for you,” asked Goldie, in a tone that implied she could sense something was on Kyra’s mind.

Smiling through closed lips, Kyra nodded. “No thanks Goldie. I just need a moment to myself. Let me know when Yul arrives. She should be here shortly.” How Papa could build a machine, like Goldie, that so mimicked grandma, her heart and mind and even her tone of voice was beyond her. She thought she should be used to this incredible gift and the marvel of it all, but still, every time, she had to smile at the wonder of it all and remind herself, Goldie was but a machine, another unexplained mystery created from the hands of Papa.

“Yes ma’am.” Hovering on a cushion of air, Goldie dipped, as if to bow, turned, and silently left the room.

Kyra walked to her desk and pulled out The Folio. Papa had built in a sentient search panel. How it worked, no one knew, but then again, no one really knew how he was able to build Goldie to so much resemble Grandma either. So many things about Papa she didn’t know. Perhaps, she thought, The Folio would answer much or so she hoped there would be more answers than questions.

Closing her eyes, she placed her ring finger on the golden bluish panel in the lower right corner. It felt warm to the touch and begin to glow in response to her query. As if the search function could read her heart and mind, and perhaps it could, one never underestimated Papa, a single passage, or in this case a question, appeared, somehow magically selected from the hundreds of thousands of passages within the tome. Opening her eyes, Kyra saw these eight words displayed on the screen:

“If you planted your heart, what would grow?”

Taking a deep breath as if inhaling the words, somehow trying to assimilate message and intent, Kyra sighed and closed her blue eyes again. A tingle ran down her spine. Eight words. Just eight words and it seemed as if Papa was front and center. Taking another breath, eyes shut tight, she could have swore his signature scent was in the air and if she only reached out her hand, he would be there.

“Kyra, sorry to interrupt, but Yul is here. Shall I show her in?”

Kyra lowered her arm, closed The Folio and looked up. Her face expressionless, the kind of look that indicates a separation between mind and body, or lost in thought as the phrase is commonly put. “Yes, show her in.”

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The Folio


“Time is an illusion of perspective,” said Papa, his holographic image, white tunic and silver hair, glowing brightly from the inside of the folio. “I can only imagine how this last year must have flown by, whipped and driven by the inclement winds of uncertainty. And, I can only imagine how you have grown in the fertile soil of adversity. I miss you more than these words can convey and can only marvel at the leader you have become. With this journal, I officially pass the baton. You are a special one my dear. I feel privileged to have walked by your side on the beaches of Valla. All my love to you my dear sweetest one. Carry on.” The image gently faded.

Through misty eyes Kyra closed the folio and ran her hands over the gem encrusted cover; the central gold and blue shell, the crown jewel from Papa’s own personal collection. Papa had handed her the folio on the dock, a gift locked for one year. She had trouble sleeping last night knowing today was the day—one year from that moment on the dock, from that last goodbye. The precious folio had served its sentence. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to find, which only made the anticipation all the more intense. That Papa had given her his personal journal, what amounted to his autobiography, was like the gift of a guiding star to one lost at sea.

“Dear Kyra, are you okay,” asked Goldie.

“Yes, yes,” answered Kyra, her smile like the sun shinning in the midst of a afternoon shower. “So good to see Papa again wasn’t it? Who would have thought.” Kyra stood and walked to her window. Standing before the massive pane she looked into the cosmos and clutched the folio tightly to her chest. “I love you too Papa. I do.”

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