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The Dance of Alisa

Bravo-Four-Zero was in luck. Metalunan civilization had achieved peace through the dual means of superior strength combined with supreme intellectual, and some might say spiritual, development. Millenniums past, Metalunans had discovered how to incorporation their technological advances into the very life and blood of living matter. Squorks, for instance, are half Squorks and half Metalunan mechanical innovation—a living machine if you will. The melding of life with machine took centuries to perfect. The result, at least with male Squorks, the most proficient small fighting craft in the known universe.

Female Squorks, however, have a very different nature from their male counterparts. Lacking the pure aggression of the males, the females contributed an agility and natural finesse that no amount of teaching or training could duplicate. They nurtured the young, taught them the art of dance (what came to be known by the males as maneuver), and instilled in them a loyalty and devotion to family that bordered on fanaticism.

Metalunans love the arts and quickly realized that female Squorks could perform ballets in the sky unequalled by any other living creature. Contest were held and only a select few were chosen for advanced training to perform for royal ceremonial events and visiting dignitaries. Bravo-Four-Zero was greeted with open arms. Not only was their ship repaired to standards greater than original specs, but the Hynerians were feted and entertained as if they were persons of high prestige.

After days of food, song and wine, the festivities culminated with The Dance of Alisa performed by the royal academy—all female squorks, of course. Performed in the skies above Metaluna, the performance surpassed anything anyone could remember seeing.


Close up view of a Metalunan Squork. Half Metalunan and half mechanical, these creatures took centuries to develop and perfect. Legend says there is no finer small fighter craft in the universe than a battle-hardened Squork.

Squorks begin life on the moons of Spherion. Aggressive by nature, they lived unknown to the outside universe as scavengers, feeding on anything that came close to their natural habitat, the space around the seven moons. Because food was scare, only the strongest and brightest Squorks survived. Their skill at stealth, maneuver, and attack are without peer for their size.

Metalunans befriended the creatures, domesticated them, and over time, converted their natural aggression to protection of Metalunan fleets. Scientists discovered Squorks have a rare and unique chemistry that allows them to integrate inanimate matter into their living tissues. With that discovery it was only a matter of time before Squorks were equipped with the latest Metalunan technology.

Bravo-Four-Zero’s first contact with intelligent life outside of Hyneria were Metalunan Squorks.

The crew had been so fixated and terrified by the blaring red lights on the control panel no one had given a second thought to where they had wound up much less taken a look out the main command room view.

If they had, they would have realized they had much bigger issues than the current systems crisis within their own vessel. Filling the front view window was a massive Metalunan Battle cruiser accompanied by hundreds of Metalunan squork fighter craft on patrol.