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Red Clouds

Preparing for launch, the Hynerians gazed up and saw the most brilliant silk-like red clouds parting to reveal the deep blue Metaluna sky. Red clouds brought red rain, the rain of tears as the Metalunans called it, which signaled a time to reflect and give gratitude for peace, love and health.

Red rain occurred only a couple times a year and all work ceased in preparation for quiet celebrations of remembrance and thankfulness. Most Metalunans celebrated the day in silence to honor the heart, which they felt spoke with the eyes and with deeds, not with the tongue.

On this day, thousands gathered to say goodbye to their new friends and wish them all the best on their continued journey into parts unknown. To launch on a new adventure during a time of red rain was considered a sign of good fortune, a sign of a new beginning, a sign of cleansing. The mystical among them called it a blessing from the cosmos.

The Hynerians, likewise, shed tears of thankfulness for the kindnesses and largesse bestowed upon them by strangers, now considered friends. From the timely repair of their ship to the Golden Tree, the Metalunans had given more than the Hynerians could ever repay. Words were uttered but not heard, and more importantly, not required or needed. The look in the eyes and the tears on the cheeks spoke volumes and this simple gesture, as far the Metalunans were concerned, justified everything. The Hynerians were leaving with more than just a Golden Tree, they were leaving with love, a love created from love and given freely.


If Metalunans were anything, they were generous. Many, many years ago the great explorer MetaRaven brought back a single specimen of the mythical Golden Tree. Golden trees were thought to be nothing more than the stuff of wives tales and children’s bedtime stories. Allegedly, they had the power to cure any and all illnesses when taken in the right dose at the right time.

No one really believed such a tree existed until MetaRaven returned triumphantly with the holy grail of all discoveries. He had a Golden Tree, and the legend was true. Every single member of his crew had returned from the uncharted territories despite contracting a multitude of unknown foreign diseases that their own medicines could not cure.

If enough trees had been brought back or if enough could ever be cultivated, illness and disease on Metaluna would have effectively been conquered. MetaRaven, however, was only able to secure one tree and after centuries of effort, only a handful of the trees had been cultivated. Although the trees seemingly lived forever, no one had yet seen one die, they were very slow to grow and almost impossible to reproduce. To date, only the ruling family had access to the few trees in Metaluan possession. They were prized more than power, more than fame, more than wealth.

As the Hynerians boarded Bravo-Four-Zero, they took on board a gift of unimaginable proportions. They had a miniature Golden Tree, and little did they know the Metalunans had, in effect, saved their lives. Without their Golden Tree, not a single Hynerian would have survived the journey to earth. Metalunans knew, and so they gave.

A Single Step

The Hynerians had found true, loving and compassionate friends in the Metalunans. These beings had somehow made peace between the material and spiritual in ways that blurred the lines between the two, which in part explained why they had no ethical dilemmas melding their technology into living flesh. Metalunans simply refused to separate things into this and that but instead saw an oneness, a web of interconnectedness, “Love” for lack of a better term, that held the universe together.

Each technological breakthrough was seen as another facet of Love manifesting itself in the material world, of Love using Metalunan hands to bring form to formlessness. One could not have the form without the formlessness and likewise formlessness sought form as expression. No separation, no this and that. Just Love.

Much like vacation, the Hynerians knew the time was near to depart in search of their own place to call home. The Metalunans had mapped the uncharted territories into quadrants that looked much like a turtle’s shell. Each dark blue plate was marked with a single dot indicating unknown and, more than likely, unfriendly civilizations. The blue and white spiral and its accompanying offshoots represented the explored universe, what to the Hynerians was uncharted. Right place, right time was all anyone could mutter.

Where to go, the Metalunans could not say, and even if they knew, would not share. This was a journey the Hynerians would have to take on their own. The map would point them in the right direction, but the choices would have to be their own. Every journey starts with a single step. Time to lock and load; the path was calling for a step.

Tigerland Sea

On weekends the Metalunans loved to sail on Tigerland Sea. At night the flowing waters glowed honey yellow and burnt orange and the sky filled with the many moons that gave Metaluna its name and Squorks their home. Coming from a water world, the Hynerians were more than thrilled to experience the unworldly butter-like flowing waves and swells. Tigerland water wrapped itself around sea going vessels and carried the occupants like a mother cradling a new born baby. The eyes saw danger but the sea spoke otherwise.

Metalunans claimed that most all their scientific breakthroughs occurred by scientists sailing on Tigerland. No one could yet explain the relationship between the sea and idea generation, yet the gentle flow of the swells undeniably created a stillness of mind much like deep meditation.

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time, and the Hynerians were certainly in the right place to explore their next move. For now, time to sit back and simply enjoy the kindness of strangers.

The Dance of Alisa

Bravo-Four-Zero was in luck. Metalunan civilization had achieved peace through the dual means of superior strength combined with supreme intellectual, and some might say spiritual, development. Millenniums past, Metalunans had discovered how to incorporation their technological advances into the very life and blood of living matter. Squorks, for instance, are half Squorks and half Metalunan mechanical innovation—a living machine if you will. The melding of life with machine took centuries to perfect. The result, at least with male Squorks, the most proficient small fighting craft in the known universe.

Female Squorks, however, have a very different nature from their male counterparts. Lacking the pure aggression of the males, the females contributed an agility and natural finesse that no amount of teaching or training could duplicate. They nurtured the young, taught them the art of dance (what came to be known by the males as maneuver), and instilled in them a loyalty and devotion to family that bordered on fanaticism.

Metalunans love the arts and quickly realized that female Squorks could perform ballets in the sky unequalled by any other living creature. Contest were held and only a select few were chosen for advanced training to perform for royal ceremonial events and visiting dignitaries. Bravo-Four-Zero was greeted with open arms. Not only was their ship repaired to standards greater than original specs, but the Hynerians were feted and entertained as if they were persons of high prestige.

After days of food, song and wine, the festivities culminated with The Dance of Alisa performed by the royal academy—all female squorks, of course. Performed in the skies above Metaluna, the performance surpassed anything anyone could remember seeing.

Close up view of a Metalunan Squork. Half Metalunan and half mechanical, these creatures took centuries to develop and perfect. Legend says there is no finer small fighter craft in the universe than a battle-hardened Squork.

Squorks begin life on the moons of Spherion. Aggressive by nature, they lived unknown to the outside universe as scavengers, feeding on anything that came close to their natural habitat, the space around the seven moons. Because food was scare, only the strongest and brightest Squorks survived. Their skill at stealth, maneuver, and attack are without peer for their size.

Metalunans befriended the creatures, domesticated them, and over time, converted their natural aggression to protection of Metalunan fleets. Scientists discovered Squorks have a rare and unique chemistry that allows them to integrate inanimate matter into their living tissues. With that discovery it was only a matter of time before Squorks were equipped with the latest Metalunan technology.

Bravo-Four-Zero’s first contact with intelligent life outside of Hyneria were Metalunan Squorks.

The crew had been so fixated and terrified by the blaring red lights on the control panel no one had given a second thought to where they had wound up much less taken a look out the main command room view.

If they had, they would have realized they had much bigger issues than the current systems crisis within their own vessel. Filling the front view window was a massive Metalunan Battle cruiser accompanied by hundreds of Metalunan squork fighter craft on patrol.