Kyra held a small golden disc in her hands, not much bigger than the pad of her pinky finger.

“I bet you’re wondering what that is,” said John, rubbing the back of his head and realizing Kyra had inadvertently found and released the chip as she tightened his blindfold.

“Well, I wasn’t going to ask.”

“It’s what is called a dream chip. Kulmyk fighter pilots, for training purposes had a small chip installed in the back of their head. It recorded brain activity and allowed specialized neuronic training, a way to accelerate the learning process, or so they said.”

“I see,” said Kyra, taking the measure of John’s face. His blindfold secure. “So why do they call it a “dream chip?”

John smiled. “The chip also records dreams. Our scientists thought this was important in the evaluation process of new fighter pilots. They wanted a window into a Kulmyk’s hopes and fears, into his psyche, his dreams if you will.”

“So this chip has your dreams on it?”


“And this chip allows you to view your dreams, to watch them like a movie?”


“So I could, if I wanted, see your dreams?”

“Yes, you could, if you wanted.”

“And right now, in your condition, you couldn’t stop me, if I wanted?”

“I suppose that’s true.”


From Nashville for my Dear Beautiful Soul: