Kyra: (looking up into the light) What do you want from me?

Unknown #1: Be yourself.

Kyra: (looks confused)

Unknown #2: Drop everything you think you know. Knowledge will only confuse you.

Kyra: So what do I do?

Unknown #1: Be yourself.

Kyra: What does that mean?

Unknown #2: Just. No more. No less.

Kyra: I don’t understand.

Unknown #1: Understanding is an facade. Let it go.

Kyra: How?

Unknown #2: Don’t pick it up.

Kyra: (hangs head)

Unknown #1: (whispers to Unknown #2)

Unknown #2: Resistance Kyra is the source of your pain. Hold on, and you will suffer.

Kyra: (balls her fists and cries out) I am my resistance!

Unknown #1: No more than a butterfly is her cocoon.