As Mairi had carried Trev, so John carried Kyra. Her breathing was steady, her face tranquil. John laid her in her private quarters and took a moment to trace her curves with his eyes before quietly taking his exit.

Five days later:

John: How long is she going to sleep?

Rog: We’ve seen this before, after Kieran died. Took her almost two weeks to recover.

John: (looked lost in thought) I wouldn’t think the body would need such a long time to heal. Is this a Hynerian quirk?

Von: (laughing) Hynerian? Janus no. This is a Kyra thing. You see, what is healing is not the body, although I’m sure the body is recovering from the exertion. (Von paused)

Rog: (looked from Von to John)

John: (looked from Von to Rog)

Rog: Don’t look at me.

John: Okay, you got me. What is healing?

Von: Well, we’re not sure.

John: What?

Rog: We think we know, but we don’t really know. Her grandfather was, perhaps, the most famous Hynerian of our generation, a Zing Tao master of the ninth order, protégé to the Brandonian, Ji.

John: And this means?

Von: Her grandfather, Zeke, or Papa as she calls him, had a gift. He could swim in the current of the universal in ways the rest of us only dream about.

John: The universal?

Rog: Love.

John: (laughing) Love. Okay.

Von: Laugh if you like. But ask yourself this. Could you have done what you have seen Kyra do twice now?

John: (didn’t answer)

Von: Zeke believed that Kyra’s gift, her potential, put him to shame. He dedicated his later life to developing her abilities. Unfortunately, our little planet went south before he could finish the task. Kyra swims in waters me and you will never taste.

John: (leaned forward on his knees and looked at Rog)

Rog: (nods head)

John: Okay, so I ask you again, what is healing?

Von: As Kyra might say, if you would stop interrupting me, I’ll tell you what I know. (Von winked)

John: Sorry. I’m usually the one telling fairy tales, but please, continue.

Von: (sighs)

John: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—

Von: Forget it. Most on Hynerian would have reacted the same. But then again, most have only heard tales of Ji and Zeke and the Zing Tao, and Kyra was not much more than a rumor. Anyway, what I believe is healing, according to Zeke, is neither body nor mind, but the education of the soul in the ways of the flow, the water, the universal, Love, whatever you want to call it.

John: (has a “you’re shiotting me” look on his face)

Rog: Dude, we shiott you not. And we aint’t shiooting you either (laughs)

Von: (laughs a little less than Rog and looks back at John) And we ain’t seen nothing yet.