Papa and Kyra are walking down the beach on their way for ice cream when a man and his son approach them. The man speaks of need and solicits money from Papa.

K: Papa, why did you give that man all our money?

P: I did it for the son.

K: But we can’t get any ice cream now.

P: Ice cream might make the belly smile, but to give love makes the heart smile, or, as I’ve heard it put, makes your soul shine.

K: Soul shine? Really?

P: (kneeling down) Look closely at my eyes.

K: Oh.

P: Soul Shine.

K: Can you make my eyes do that?

P: No.

K: (frowns)

P: Only you can do that.

K: Show me how.

P: (smiles) I just did.

K: (looks confused)

P: Every day we are blessed with opportunity, the opportunity to give, to smile, to paint the world around us with yellow, to touch the canvas of another with the paintbrush of our heart. Do that, and your soul will shine. Do it enough and . . .

K: And what?

P: (looking more serious) And you become a light unto the world.

K: (looks with wonder)

P: Yes, but can I tell you a secret?

K: (Kyra leans in) Only if you promise to tell and not show.

P: (Papa smiles) Look into the heavens my precocious one, just above the horizon. What do you see?

K: I see my star, the Kyra star. (Papa had named the brightest star in the Hynerian sky after Kyra)

P: And?

K: It is the brightest most brilliant star in the whole sky.

P: Yes it is. And do you know why I named it the Kyra star?

K: Because you like teasing me with lessons.

P: (Papa laughed—sometimes he forgot he was conversing with a child) Because, my child, you have a gift, an ability, a potential, if you will.

K: (looks somewhat puzzled)

P: (Papa puts his hands on Kyra’s shoulders, his eyes looking into the endless cisterns of her young sapphire eyes) You are that star Kyra.

Kieran: I must go now.

K: I know.

Kieran: You know, Papa was right.

K: (looks searchingly) About what?

Kieran: You are the—

John: Hey, I appreciate the family reunion, but we best get moving before reinforcements arrive. And they will.

Commentary and Reading: The Kyra Star

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