Papa walked into the turret room, as Kyra called it, an eight sided addition he had built with calloused hands and sweaty brow on the rear left side of the villa, facing the more rugged coastline. The room had eight sides, eight windows and between the windows, eight mirrors. To casual visitors, the room was a shrine to the eight precepts, and in so much as it was told, it was true. But what is truth, Papa would often say, but a word, a raft we put into the river of all that is. Rafts come and go, and we live not for the raft, for the river is truth and life and love and the river flows and moves and lives and dabbles not in labels and opinions and concepts.

For a small child, the turret room was a magical place with its mirrors and windows—Kyra’s favorite place on the whole estate. As she grew, so did the magic and if she were not on the beach she could be found reading in the turret, or, as Papa discovered many times, standing in the center of the room in wakeful meditation.

Kyra,” whispered Papa, sticking his head through the door, “may I come in?”

Seemingly without effort, Kyra pirouetted with arms outstretched, her coal black mane catching the Hynerian sun is shades of gray and blue with the luster of youth, her porcelain white skin, almost too white, shinning with eyes limpid, bright and calmly reflective. “My dear Papa, state your intention and be quick. Hesitation is the mark of shadows dark, of purpose complicated.”

Papa laughed. “My purpose, my child, is to marvel at the gift of you and to wonder what vistas you will see beyond my ability to imagine. Yet, we must be careful of conceit. Look around the room.”

Kyra did. Eight mirrors, eight views, each slightly different and even the same mirror never gave back what it offered before. She had heard it before and knew she was about to hear it again. Papa was nothing if not consistent in his belief that repetition was the mother of all teaching, so she cut him off. “And we never look into the same mirror twice.”

“Exactly!” exclaimed Papa.

+Tell me more about these mirrors.+

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