Mairi: +Hey, can you hear me?+

Dr. X: +Aah, my dear chatelaine, I thought you had forsaken me. Please accept my not quite so humble apologies.+

Mairi: +Sorry. We’ve had a bit of drama. Besides, you know they won’t let me see you. Just getting close enough to tickle your immeasurable neurons has been a challenge.+

Dr. X: +I know. Won’t let me see anyone. Such primitive tactics would amuse me if they weren’t so sad and pathetic. You would think they had forgotten I can surf, at will, the dull waves of their backward pea-sized brains. Quite boring really. The dullards seem not to have an original thought between the lot of them. Then again, perhaps that’s their plan. Torture me with boredom. Now you, my dear, well, you stimulate me in ways I’ve never imagined.+

Mairi: +The feeling is mutual my good doctor. You’ve opened doors I never knew existed, doors never far from my mind, not to mention a few other parts.+

Dr. X: +Tell me about this drama. I sense on the edge of your wicked mind, opportunity.+

Mairi: +Could be. I still feel as a child with these new abilities but I can’t help my mind returning again and again to you and Yul. Dreams and visions, the two of you, not clear, yet, how do I say it, almost destined.+

Dr. X: +The drama, dear chatelaine?+

Mairi: +Oh, yes. Yul has a terminal disease, so say the doctors here. Her condition is worsening and they plan to operate in the next couple days. Seems they still feel at a lost as to what good they can do. I feel the procedure could be nothing more than a live autopsy.+

Dr. X: +I see. Have you seen her charts?+

Mairi: +No. Why do you ask?+

Dr. X: +Request the charts. All of them. If they say no. Demand them and demand a detailed explanation. They’ll relent, trust me. Now, very important, keep your eyes on each chart, making sure you read every line, every detail. And have them explain everything twice.+

Mairi: +I’m not a doctor. Won’t know the first thing about what I’m seeing.+

Dr. X: +But I am my dear.+

Mairi: +Oh.+

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