Emy: (shakes head) I never thought.

Kyra: What?

Emy: One of my greatest fears, being barren, childless.

Kyra: Yes?

Emy: Well, guess what?

Kyra: What?

Emy: As foolish as it sounds, and hear me out, and I know this is not gonna make sense, well, I’ve lost it.

Kyra: We’ve all lost a lot in the last few days. Perhaps it’s a blessing.

Emy: No, you don’t understand. The desire to be with child is still there.

Kyra: Oh.

Emy: I’ve lost all desire for sex.

Kyra: (blank look)

Emy: It hit me when I woke up. The well is dry. No matter how hard I try to distract myself from our fate, no matter how much I, well, you know, well, nothing. Not one scintilla of desire. There is just nothing there. And you know what?

Kyra: Tell me.

Emy: I’ve never felt that before and if you were to tell me this is the way it would be from this point forward, I’m not sure I would want to live. I feel as if the fear of dying, dying like this in this Janus forsaken metallic tomb, is killing me in pieces, toying with me, enjoying the torture. And there is not a damn thing I can do about it!

Kyra: Tell me more about this dying in pieces?

(before Emy can answer they both look up to the undulant echoes of metal on metal)

Kyra: Von, what was that?

Von: I don’t know.

Kyra: Friend or foe?

Von: I said I don’t know.

Kyra: Crap, we don’t need this now.

Emy: (breaks out in hysterical laughter)

Kyra: You find something funny about this?

Emy: I’m sorry, your reaction just seemed kinda funny in an absurd sorta way. Die today, die tomorrow, what does it matter?

Von: What’s going on down there?

Kyra: (stern look at Em) Nothing, on our way.

Emy: (tries to suppress her laughter)

Kyra: (slaps the shiott out of Em) Feel that?

Emy: (wipes a trickle of blood from her lip with the back of her hand) Yeah—

Kyra: You’re not dead yet, but—

Von: Hey, we’ve got trouble. I need some help.

Kyra: On our way.

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