[John and Rog on their way]

John: So how’d it go with Yul?

Rog: Good.

John: Good.

Rog: And Cait?

John: Good.

Rog: Really?

John: Yeah. Good.

Rog: I guess we’re good then.

John: Yep. Good. Like butter on a hot roll.

30 Minutes later . . .

Rog: Can I make a call from this thing?

John: Go for it.

Rog: (calls hospital) Yul. Hey it’s Rog.

Mairi: Sorry Rog, this is Mairi.

Rog: Oh. Can you put Yul on?

Yul: I don’t wanna talk to that bastard.

Mairi: She says—

Rog: I heard. Put her on anyway.

Yul: Frail him, he made his choice.

Mairi: Rog.

Rog: (big sigh) Yeah. I heard.

Mairi: Look, the meds they’ve got her on—

Yul: (interrupting) I’m not on no frailing meds. Tell him that. Now! Tell him!

Mairi: Okay, Yul. I’ll tell him.

Rog: What the hellocks is going on?

Mairi: I have no idea.

Yul: Give me the frailing phone. (Mairi does) Rog?

Rog: It’s me baby. I—

Yul: Shut the frail up. Look, you made your choice and I know where I stand. I’m not blaming you, you only made the same choice everyone else in my life has made. I only blame myself for being an idiot in thinking that this time things could be different, would be different, that you were different. And then I realized, it’s not you or anyone else. The problem is me. I’m the common denominator. So, it’s over. I’ve had all I can take. No more. Do you hear me?

Rog: Baby, I—

Yul: Frail! It’s a yes or no frailing question! Janus, why is that so frailing difficult.

Rog: Yes.

Yul: Good, because I want you to hear this next bit loud and clear. You ready?

Rog: Yes.

Yul: I want you out of my life. I want you out now and I want you out forever!

Rog: (Rog heard a crash and then a dial tone rang in his ear before he could respond; several attempts at calling back only resulted in a busy signal)

Mairi: (picking up pieces of the phone) You made yourself pretty clear. Why are you crying?

Yul: That Hynerian is the only one who has ever loved me.

John: So, how are things?

Rog: Good. Things are good.

John: Good. (looking sheepish) That’s good that things are good.

Rog: Yeah. Good is good. Right. Good.

Commentary/Reading: Good is Good

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