[Mairi standing bedside holding Yul’s hand. Rog has just left]

Mairi: Are you ok?

Yul: (no answer)

Mairi: I understand if you don’t want to talk. If you change your mind, I’m here.

Yul: It’s not that. (Yul stopped)

Mairi: (after a few minutes waiting for Yul to continue) Care to share what it is?

Yul: I hate myself. I think it’s time.

Mairi: Time? Time for what?

Yul: Look, I know Rog had to make the choice he did. Hellocks, I told him to go, that it was the right thing. And that’s just it. All my life Mairi. I’ve been frailed up all my life and no matter how much I pretend otherwise, life always comes back and slaps me like an ugly step-child. This disease is no accident. It’s fate. Fate telling me I don’t belong. I didn’t belong on Hyneria and I don’t belong on Bravo. And you know what really chaps my arse now? If “Yul” had taken her rightful place, she would be here now, in this hospital with the potential to be saved.

Mairi: You don’t know that. Besides–

Yul: I’m tired Mairi. I’m just really tired. I think I want to sleep now. (Yul closes her eyes)

Commentary/Reading: I Think It’s Time

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