[Rog walks in to his apartment and finds only Trev]

Rog: Hey Trev, where’s Yul?

Trev: I take it you didn’t get the message?

Rog: What message? (Rog sees the blinking light on his comm)

Trev: That message.

Rog: Shiott, what now?

Trev: Yul collapsed. Thankfully Mairi was here.

Rog: What do you mean collapsed? And where is she now?

Trev: I wasn’t here. Mairi said Yul was just talking away, got faint and passed out. She wasn’t able to revive her, called hospital and they took her away. We tried to call you, but you didn’t answer.

Rog: (grimaces) Yeah, well, I got news too. Mairi was right. Bravo is in a world of hurt. Grab your stuff. Let’s go.

Trev: Where?

Rog: Hospital jackarse. I’ll fill you in on the way.

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