[After a minute or so of staring each other down, John sits down and then Rog. Neither talks as the red light on John’s desk, the only movement in the room, continues to blink.]

Rog: Are you going to answer that?

John: Holy crap.

Rog: What?

John: It’s from Bravo.

Rog: Are you just gonna just sit there? Answer the damn thing.

John: We missed the call.

Rog: What?

John: But there is a message.

The Message:

John, this is Kyra, do you read? (brief pause—only static heard) I only have two minutes for this transmission, so I’ll be brief. We’ve been attacked, hit, bad—Bravo is dead in the water. Don’t know who or why. Don’t know if they will be back. We have only auxiliary power, which at our current rate of consumption will provide us with heat and air for six days, maybe less. Please send help. (another brief pause—sound of coughing heard in the background) John, in the event you do not get this message in time, I want you to relay a message from me, us. Please tell Rog and Yul and Trev and Mairi that we love them. (slight pause) Tell them to be strong and that our thoughts and prayers are with Yul. Tell Rog he is a helluva Hynerian and the best damn pilot I’ve ever known. Tell Yul I could not be more proud of her and that I know she will win this battle, she is just too stubborn not to. Tell Trev I want him to be the doctor he always dreamed he could be and I won’t take no for an answer. He has the ability, the talent. Tell him to believe. I do. Tell Mairi I’ve never known a more brave soul. Tell her to look to the future. Tell them all we have no regrets. Tell them to live their lives with no regrets, to live like Hynerians, to live in love. One more thing John. I have a favor to ask. Tell Cait and Ariel that you love them. Hold them tight and tell them today and tell them every day. Will you do that for me? I won’t take no for an answer. Understood? And one more thing John. You are a special man and there is something I need to tell you, something you need to hear. I—(transmission cuts out).

Rog: Is that it? Is there more? There must be more.

John: Afraid that’s it.

Rog: And she is praying for us? Frail that.

John: How soon can you be ready?

Rog: I’m ready now.

John: And Yul?

Rog: She’ll understand. What about Cait?

John: There’ll be hell to pay. (pause) There is one thing you need to know.

Rog: What?

John: Our fastest ship will take seven days to arrive at their location.

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