“So Von, I guess this is goodbye,” said Rog with his usual grin that just made you wonder if the boy was getting more than he deserved.

“Goodbye my arse,” said Von. “That’s no way to do it. Meet me in my quarters and we’ll part ways like Hynerians, or have you gone all soft on me now.”

Rog glanced over at Yul and she smiled with a wink. “I think I can testify to the falsehood of your accusation Von.” Yul reared back and popped Rog’s hide, her bare hand on his leather trousers cracking forth like a fastball in an old leather mitt. “Now don’t keep him long, I’ve got work for him to do.”

Von leaned toward Yul and in all seriousness whispered, “Before you leave, do you think you could leave a vial or two behind?”

“Von!” grinned Yul. “I would have never–”

“What? I was just asking. Been a long time you know.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what, be good and I’ll see what I can do. Now get on with your lifting and toasting and all the male bonding shiott you two do. I want my boy home at a decent hour or,” she looked over her eyes, “there’ll be hellocks to pay.”

Von looked at Rog and Rog just shrugged his shoulders as if to say “she’s the boss, at least of me.” And as hard as Von tried to stop it, laugher burst forth like boulders coming down the mountain and Rog joined in because he knew it was true. The boy was pampus whipped and he knew it.

Yul kissed Rog and placed a small object in his pocket. “Just in case you forget what is waiting,” she purred as her fingers reached a little further and stayed a little longer than was necessary. If there had been more light in the room, Von would have seen a rare sight—Rog turning red.

Removing her hand from his pocket, Yul blessed his hide one more time and as she walked away turned her head, and as if to punctuate her point, dropped her chin and gave Rog her most sultry come hither look while sashaying her hips and tossing her hair. Rog just starred. And so did Von, until the door swooshed shut and snapped them out of their spell.

“All right then, suppose we best get moving,” said Von.

“Uhm, yeah, before I change my mind,” responded Rog.

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