Kyra returned to her quarters not sure if she was more exhausted or more excited. She had practiced a “mindbat” many, many times, but this was her first time under live fire. She felt exhilaration mixed with utter fear mixed with raw animal lust. Calfuray had her in every sense of the phrase with a skill beyond her imagination and expectation. Her tactics, let us say, were not anticipated.

Like dying in the cold, Calfuray’s manipulations of her pleasure centers were harder to resist than anything Papa had ever put her through. The temptation to let go, to have another take you over the edge while they were stroking your mind and taking you places you’ve never been—that was terrifying. Still, her body tingled in ways not completely understood. We love our enemies and share a bond with them that only warriors share Papa would say and she wondered how Calfuray was doing.

“Goldie, can you help me with this?”

“Yes Ms Kyra.” Goldie released a small clasp and tugged on the left sleeve. One didn’t so much as take off a glove as much as peel it away and the sensation of separation was both odd and sexual at the same time. The glove literally bonded to the skin, molded to every curve and anyone who has ever worn one will tell you the sensation had to be experienced to be appreciated.

As tired as she was, she had unfinished business. “Goldie, thanks for the help. Could you activate the waterfall acoustics on your way out?”

“Yes Ms Kyra. Will there be anything else this evening?”

“That’s all Goldie. Thank you.”

As Goldie retreated, Kyra moved to her bed and the light and sound show came to life. Beautiful greens and blues danced in patterns light and airy from the walls to the ceiling and the sound of lush spring water trickling and cascading down the mountain side filled the air. Kyra closed her eyes and allowed her mind to slip back to the edge as a slight blue glow arose naturally. Taking a deep breath, she spread her legs–.

“Ms Kyra,” interrupted Goldie.

“What is it Goldie,” responded Kyra, unable to withhold the irritation in her voice.

“Trev says he needs to speak with you right away. Something to do with the transmission. Says it’s urgent.”

“Tell Trev I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Trev, before you start, what’s the update on Mairi?”

“She’s in the med wing undergoing testing. Seems she is going to be just fine.”

“Good. Okay Trev, what have you got on the transmission?” asked Kyra.

“Well, credit goes to Em really. I was working on the transmission when she walked in. Took her two minutes. It’s a distress signal. Hynerian.”

“Hynerian. Are you sure?”

“No doubt.”

What does it say?” asked Von.

“Because of the jamming much of the signal is unintelligible but we do know three things. The signal is Hynerian. It is a SOS call. And we can pinpoint the location.” Trev paused and looked around the room like he was expecting an award.

Kyra was the first to speak. “How old is this signal, is it still being broadcast and how far are we from it?”

“The signal itself is not old. By my calculation we are perhaps a week away.”

“And is the signal still being broadcast?”

Trev rubbed his nose and squinted his eyes. “Nope. It stopped about the time Calfuray appeared.”

“I see,” said Kyra.

“One other thing,” Trev added. “The signal is in the opposition direction from where John will be heading.”

Kyra looked at Yul. “Okay, give me an hour, then we meet in the conference room.”

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