[ed note: this chapter is happening simultaneously with each snippet]

Em walked up behind Trev, fascinated by the image he was working on. “Whatcha doing?”

Trev looked up. “Take a listen and tell me what you think?”

“A distress signal, clear as day.”

Trev’s jaw dropped. “How—“

“Heard them all the time on the open water,” responded Em, not realizing this recording was only hours old. “The signal is very weak but the tone seems a little odd. Where did you get this?”


Kyra pulled out the folio and placed her palms on the cover. Closing her eyes she said, “Papa, forgive me, for I have sinned.” Goldie noticed a bluish glow from Kyra’s quarters but thought the better of disturbing her.


Cait picked flowers and watched Ariel chase after Maria, their dog. Solar activity continued to prevent any communication with the taskforce. Taking a deep breath, the aroma of love past took her places warm and tender.


Tom walked into John’s office. “Team Kilo has made contact.”


Tom smiled, “No survivors. We’re heading home boss. Mission accomplished.”

John starred through Tom, his index finger on his temple with his thumb under his chin.


Calfuray looked at Mairi, then Dr. X and finally Shen. “We are approaching the Aegis. Make one move without my permission and I’ll gut the lot of you quicker than your sphincters can tighten round your pathetic little fingers.” No one moved—not even a blink.


Von looked at Rog as Yul looked over his shoulder. “Your move.”

Rog surveyed the board. Moving a white triangle into position, it turned red. “How bout them dimplerods boss.” His laughter was short lived. Coming from outside Bravo, the sound was muffled but unmistakable. Code Red.

“Crap,” exclaimed Rog. “What now!”

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