“John, tell me what you want me to do,” said Tom.

“What would you do if you were in my shoes?”

“Bury it.”

John looked at Tom and echoed back his words as if trying to comprehend what emotion would emerge, what part of his soul would reveal itself if he gave the order. “Bury it.”

“Is that an order sir?”

My god thought John. Is this what I have become. “How certain are we?”

“No doubt.”

John weighted Tom’s answer with the blank face of one knowing the answer but still in the vague fuzzy space of hoping against hope the grade would be different.

“And Bravo?”


“Really?” asked John, raising his eyebrows and rubbing his neck as if he could feel the imaginary yoke of command. “On whose orders?” Before Tom could respond, John quickly added, “Never mind. It is what it is.”


“What is it Trev?” asked Kyra.

“Not sure, but I think you better get down here,” said Trev, a strange excitement in his voice.

“Be right there Trev.” Kyra looked at Von and he looked back at her. “You ready for a little more drama?”

“Opportunity my dear,” smiled Von. “How would your Papa put it?”

“Be like yellow,” Kyra smiled back. “Be like yellow.”

On the bridge Trev was huddled over the communications panel, earphones on, face cherubic. “What you got Trev?”

Handing Kyra the headphones he said, “Listen to this and tell me what you hear?”

Kyra looked at Trev and then to Von and back to Trev. “Could you play that again and boost the signal.”

Trev did.

“Holy mother of Janus,” exclaimed Kyra, showing a rare display of untethered public excitement. “Is this what I think it is?”

“Hard to say,” said Trev. “But I think we got some work to do.”

“Do it.” said Kyra. “And as soon as you have anything, anything at all, comm me. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Kyra turned to leave. “Oh Kyra, one more thing.”

“Yes Trev?”

“Our friends tried to jam this signal. In fact they still are.”


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