Their father’s jumper struggled to maintain course in the face of hostile winds and if either of the sisters had had eyes to see, only dour grayness would have presented itself. Instead, one set of eyes looked to the right and the other to the left, and although only a foot or two separated them in the back seat, they might as well been on separate moons.

The dock was just moments ahead and one would have thought, in these last minutes there would have been a race to spill all the words bottled up inside. Instead, just silence, the kind of silence one felt on the way between church and graveyard when even the dullest recognized there was nothing to be said.

One would go and one would stay and the choice had been made. Yul was not surprised. She had never expected to be the one and the fact that their father chose her sister, again, only confirmed her world-view. She was the forgotten one, the forgettable one, the one who disappointed, who could do nothing right, the one who embarrassed, the one they didn’t speak of in family circles. And her sister, Janus bless her and it seemed he did, her dear identical twin sister was the day to her night. Truth be known, Yul would later acknowledge, she had no quarrel with the decision. Her sister was the one deserving of saving, the one who had earned it.

“Baby, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere,” said Rog. He stroked her hair and Yul, her face wet with remembrance, pushed her head tighter into his warm chest, her eyes shut like vaults.

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