Conversation in Von’s quarters 2 (much later):

Von: So, she ever get you anything?

Rog: Who?

Von: Yul.

Rog: Oh. (pause) Yeah, she did (Rog grins).

Von: Well?

Rog: Well what?

Von: What did she get you?

Rog: Yul?

Von: Yeah, frailing Yul numbsack, what did she get you?

Rog: A ring.

Von: What?

Rog: A big arse ring, bout the color of this snoot (raises glass).

Von: I’ve never seen you wearing no ring.

Rog: (bursts out laughing)

Von: (grins)

Rog: You know what?

Von: What?

Rog: The damn thing was heat sensitive and pressure reactive.

Von: (stares dumbfounded) No shiott?

Rog: (holds out glass) I shiott you not my friend.

Von: Damn good split-tail.

Rog: (grins with lips tight) Yep.

Von: (stares into space)

Rog: You know what else?

Von: What?

Rog: The sumbeech had handles.

Von: (eyes got wide) What?

Rog: (belly laughs and nods head) No shiott.

Von: So?

Rog: So, what?

Von: The handles. What the hellocks?

Rog: Rotation my friend. Rotation. And you know what?

Von: What?

Rog: You can take that to the mother-frailing depository (nods head).

Von: (laughs)

Rog: (laughs)

Von: (laughed some more)

Rog: Pour me another.

Von: I think we need to talk rapprochement.

Rog: (looks at Von kinda funny) What?

Von: Rapprochement. You know. Reestablish relations in the warm commerce. (Rog looks puzzled) For the greater good.

Rog: The greater good. (Rog ponders) Hellocks yeah. The greater good. Shiott Von, that’s some might fine thinking.

Von: Yeah. It is.

Rog: (laughs) A toast.

Von: (raises glass)

Rog: To roachment.

Von: Roachment. (makes funny face) Yeah, to roachment!

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