Conversation in Von’s quarters:

Rog: What the frail was that all about?

Von: No effing idea. Want a snoot?

Rog: Yeah. Think I do.

Von: (pours two glasses) Talk to Yul?

Rog: (slams his back and hold out glass for another) Are you frailing kidding me? Only thing tighter than her cooter right now is her mouth.

Von: (laughs) Are you saying—

Rog: I be saying I could jackhammer the former but the latter ain’t no Hynerian gonna pry open. (Rog slams back the second) Pour me another. But, I gotta tell you this Von, when the beotch is in heat, there ain’t nothing finer. The girl got skills. You frailing know what I’m saying.

Von: (smiling) Yeah, Think I do.

Rog: (too buzzed to know whether Von was mocking him) Did I ever tell you about that gift I got her on Neraj?

Von: Don’t think so.

Rog: She calls it the tool. (Rog laughs) A little somtin somtin for when I’m not around. Ten to one she’s workin’ it right now. Yeah baby, work it darlin’.

Von: Not bitter I see.

Rog: Cold hearted beotch. Frail no, I’m not bitter.

Von: (nods head)

Rog: Do you think we drink too much? I mean, seems every time we get together that’s all we do.

Von: Nope.

Rog: Me neither. (Rog holds out glass and Von pours)

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