Emy put the finishing touches on her solar garden, stood back and smiled. Should go well with her shell collection, she thought. Putting the garden aside, she grabbed her jacket and headed out the door. Hardly two steps into the hall she saw Yul coming her way.

“Hey Yul, where you headed?” smiled Em.

“What the frail business is it of yours?” snapped Yul, without making eye contact or slowing down her purposeful stride as she passed Em.

Stopping, Em turned and without forfeiting her smile said, “Frail you.”

Yul let out a spontaneous laugh. She had never heard those words come from Em’s lips and this, she figured, was worth efforting a response. “If I had time, darlin’, I’d give you the pleasure. That is, if I thought it wouldn’t blow your naive little mind. Now frail off, our queen beotch wants to see me and we wouldn’t want to keep her waiting now would we.”

“Hey Yul, for what it’s worth, today is Kyra’s birthday. Be nice. I think our friend John has invited her to the captain’s dinner tonight–his guest of honor she’ll be, or so I hear. I think he has eyes for our dear sweet one. Fancy that. Oh, and for the record, when you are stronger that is, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I’ll be there.” Emy winked and walked away.

Yul stood, lost in thought and said to no one. “Birthday girl, is that right. Well, I can’t just show up empty handed now can I?”

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