“Mairi, I’m going to place our beautiful little friend around your neck,” said Dr. X. “Won’t hurt as long as you don’t resist. Relax your mind. Think pleasant thoughts.”

Mairi closed her eyes and the ampulator settled in place. The organism felt its way along her neck, each orifice of its inner ring sluggishly seeking an air tight suction. Mairi started to choke. “Relax my dear. The amp is trying to determine if you are friend or foe. If friend, then you are going to be privileged to some rather special sensations in a few minutes. If foe, then you and I will go down together. Now relax.”

“Can you please tell me what vile purpose this exercise suits?”

“My apologies, of course. You my dear, are a null, a blank, or as some might say, an untouchable. In a telepathic world, you are the great eraser, the anti-gravity, the void. No one near you can communicate nor can anyone use their telepathic powers on you. Most important, you black out all telepathic signals. Your mere presence is the great off switch. With you, we are all but invisible to the outside world, but there is one little problem. Your power is not quite strong enough to blank us out from Kulmyk probes, which are a little too close for comfort right now. Our little squishy friend, however, is going to fix that. Once he forms full suction, and of course sees you as a friend, his natural genetic conflux will take your nullness and amplify it. If it works, we will drop off the radar of those probes like magic. And my guess, they’ll never know what happened.”

As the creature tightened its grip on her neck, Mairi tried not to squirm managing to eek just a single word through her clenched teeth. “If?”

“Well, as you know, we’ve never had a null before, so I suppose you could say this is where theory crosses the road of actuality. Now relax, I’m fairly certain this is going to work.”

“TEAM KILO REPORTING in. Over. Do you read?”

“Loud and clear,” replied Tom. ” What seems to be the problem.”

“Hard to explain sir. One minute we were locked on their location and then the next, they just disappeared.”

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