Kyra entered the lab. “Hey Trev, whacha got?” He had called just minutes ago saying his preliminary results were in and that she might want to take a look at the findings. He said they were interesting.

Handing her the report he said, “Who would have thought? I’ve doubled checked the results. Just thought I’d say that before you asked,” his face just a little more red than normal, his eyes a little bloodshot as if he had been up all night cramming for an exam.

Kyra looked over the report. I’ll be was all she said before closing the file and handing it back to Trev. “I trust you understand this file remains confidential. If there is a leak, I’ll know there could only be one source.”

“Kyra, I hope you know me better than that.”

She just looked with raised brow.

“You have my word.”

“And the sample?”

“All gone.”


Trev blushed.

“Don’t worry Trev. I won’t ask and you won’t lie and we’ll leave it at that. Fair enough?”

“Fair enough,” he replied, unable to maintain eye contact.

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