“Come in Rog. What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” said Kyra.

“You read the note.”



“Well what?”

“Did you know?”

“Rog, there was much in that note. Can you be a little more specific?”

“Come on Kyra, I lost my humor on the stone cold floor and search as I might, I can’t frailing find it! Did you know she was not supposed to be on Bravo?”

“Not at first.”

“So you knew. At some point you knew.”

“Yes Rog. What’s your point?”

“My point? What’s my point? Are you shiotting me. My point. I’ll tell you my point. Here it is. When were you going to tell me?”

“I wasn’t.”

“Ooooh, is that right. Well that’s just frailing great. If you weren’t . . .

“Weren’t what?” Go ahead, finish your sentence. You got something to say, then drop some frailing gonads and say it.”

“Okay, okay. You want to hear what’s on my mind. Well, I’m sick and tired of your holier than thou attitude about this ship and everyone on it. I don’t give a runt who your frailing grandfather was, the truth is not your toy to play with as you choose. You had no right to withhold that information from me. How the frail do you think I feel right now, knowing every step of the way you knew. You knew, and you said nothing. Nothing Kyra.”

“Rog, let me ask you a question. Would—“

“I don’t want to hear no Zing Tao pampus shiott. Geeesh, do you have any idea how sick and tired everyone is, and I mean damn frailing drag my hide home tired sick, of hearing about Papa this and Papa that. And just look , where has all that Zing Tao crap gotten us. Uhmm, where Kyra?”

“You ungrateful little shiott. If I recall, your sniveling pathetic little scene in the bathroom wasn’t gonna bring Yul back now was it? Answer me. Was it Rog? Was it gonna bring Yul back?”

“That’s a cheap shot and you know it.”

“Oh, I see. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Get back to me when you grow some.”

“Kyra, that’s not what I meant.”

“Is that an apology? Well, I’m all ears.”

“Look, the point is, you had no right to withhold that information from the rest of the crew.”

“The crew? Or you? Which is it? Forget that. What difference would it have made if I had?”

“That’s not the point.”

“Well, what exactly is the point then?”

“That you should have told me. If I’m going to follow your lead, I’ve got to trust you. That’s the point.”

“I’m going to ignore that last comment. And I say again, if I had told you, what difference would it have made? Would you have thrown her out of your bed? Maybe left her on Neraj? Ostracized her from the rest of the crew? Exposed her to the Animus virus? Tell me Rog, what possible benefit would it have been to any one, including Yul, to have divulged information known only to me. And by the way, I only had a head start. The clues were there for anyone to reach the same conclusion I did.”

“I’m listening.”

“The only information I was privy to was the flight manifest. Standard background information, which is not always accurate—for a variety of reasons, both official or otherwise. The real clues were revealed in time, for those who had the eyes to see and the ears to hear. You were in love Rog, blissfully blind love, and the Yul you loved was as real as the hand in front of your face. She didn’t deceive you. Love never does.”

“I don’t see how can you say that. Everything she represented herself—“

“Shut up and sit down before you say something that is really gonna piss me off. Now look at me and open those big ears of yours because I’m only going to say this once. I didn’t bring Yul back. She came back for you.”

“What the—“

“She loves you Rog. Can’t you see that? She didn’t have to come back. She heard the beat of your heart and she made a choice. She chose love.”

“But how can I—“

“Rog, have you been completely honest with Yul on every personal detail of your life?


“If that is true, then you should thank Janus she still loves your sorry hide. If it’s not, well, tell me Rog, where is the line between you and her?”

“This is more Zing Tao crap isn’t it?”

“Yes, Rog, very high level top secret stuff. Don’t tell anyone.”

“What a pampus hide I am.”

“Yes, well said. Apology accepted. By the way, what is that smell?”

“Goat’s milk. You like?”

“Janus no. Dismissed. Now. Go.”

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