I’ve finally complied The Story into a single file, which is why you may have seen my blog change from black to white and back again (had to change it in order to capture black text for cutting and pasting as I quickly realized white text on a white page was a little hard to read).

No worries, the soul of DT is black background–the images and ambiance simply fit the story and the images best. My question, however, is this: If there are those that find reading the story with black text on a white background much easier on the eye, I’m willing to perhaps change for a day or two each week (beta blogger makes changing colors about as easy as it can be so really no extra work to do so). Give me your feedback in comments please. Of course, if everyone is fine with the traditional white text on black background there is no reason to alternate.

A few stats on The Story to date:

Chapters (postings): 190
Images: 221
Word Count: 68, 866
Pages (single spaced–sans images–size 12 font) 203