John stared at the data slate for a micron before giving the order. “Destroy those patrol craft, now! Tom, organize a boarding party to the unknown craft and please let them know we are coming aboard. I want no accidents. Once aboard, I want full cloaking employed with multiple decoys at random vectors.”


“Whatcha got Trev? What’s abnormal?” asked Em, chest heaving and eyes wide.

“Well, I’m not versed on how to interpret this data plane, but it looks like we have multiple craft approaching at rapid velocity from contrary directions. All appear to be on a direct vector—.“ Blinding white light filled the bridge. “Em, are you there? Em, I can’t see! Em?”


“Tom, status report?”

“Five of the six patrol craft destroyed.”

“And the sixth?”

“Returning to base.”

“Jam all channels. Full pursuit. I do not want that vessel returning to the planet.”


“Taren, doesn’t seem to be our day. Notify Dr. X. Change of plans. He’ll know what I mean,” said the voice.

“And the Tearacs?”

“Can’t take them with us. Let them feast. And Taren?”


“I appreciate your loyalty.”


“Bravo-Four-Zero, this is Kulmyk command. Prepare to be boarded. We mean you no harm. Do not resist.”

“Tom,” said John, shaking his head.

“What? I mean every word,” said Tom. “I do, really.”

“Hellocks,” said Yul. “We’ve heard that before. Em, do you know where Von left the cache?”

“Yep, follow me. Trev, delay that boarding party.”



“Alright, alright.”

“And you wonder when they’re gonna drop.” said Yul.

“Come again?”

“The boys. You know. Em, come on,” Yul replied as she grabbed her crotch.

“Oh, yeah, right, the boys.”


“Tom, you ready?”

“Yes sir.”

“At your command. Oh and Tom, we want to make a good impression this time. Weapons on quill. Understood.”

“Absolutely John.”

“Yeah, I mean it this time Tom.”

“Got it. You know me.”

John smiled. “Yes, Tom, I do.”


Foggy condensation filled the bay. A central dark grey blockish shape appeared haloed with bright white light. A high pitch whine wound down punctuated with two loud blasts.

“Don’t hold back Em, unless you want to end up like Mairi.” Yul braced her feet against the cold metal bulkhead, dual las canon firmly seated on her right shoulder. Taking aim on the right portal she squeezed off three more bolts in rapid succession. “That’s for Rog you bastards.”

“T-o-m,” said John, lowering his chin, eyes rolling up.

“Damn it John, we are under fire.”

“Big picture Tom and wipe that grin off your face. Besides, do you really want the blood of two unknown females with minimal weapons on your hands? How would I explain that to command? Weapons to quill. That’s an order. Now open the hatch and put that cannon down. Geessh.”


“Trev, seal off the bay,” commed Yul.


“No frailing buts, do it, now! Em, take aim on the left side. Em? Frail, where did you go?

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