“Von, you knew Papa when he was a young hynerian. What was he like?” asked Kyra.

“He was unlike any hynerian I ever knew, one of a kind. His exploits on Zael were legendary,” said Von.

“I know, heard the story a thousand times,” laughed Kyra.

“As great as Ji was, he knew he needed a native to take the Tao to another level, and there was no one, and I mean absolutely no one, that could have done what Zeke, your Papa, did for the order. Did he ever tell you about the Fire of Truth?”

“Never heard of it Von.”

“Ahh, well, it is all you need to know about Zeke. In the days after Ji handed him the reigns . . .”

“Sorry to interrupt your story Von,” interjected Snazzle, “but I think you might want to look at this transmission I’ve just picked up from the target area.”

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