Mairi watched Dr. X escort Taren to the exit; his long golden locks seemed to glow against the backdrop of Taren’s dark blue skin. Her mind felt slippery, her hands bound roughly behind her back, her waist and ankles secured firmly to the vertical slab. The material was cold and unknown.

They appeared to exchange heated words. Taren’s face became animated; his alien tongue spoke in agitated tones, quick and erratic movements of his long arms orchestrating each syllable. The doctor appeared rather bored. With a dismissive wave of his hand, Taren left. Mairi heard the door shut; a shill metallic click of the lock sending a chill up her spine like nails on a chalkboard. He placed the keys in his pocket and turned toward the beautiful, mysterious Null. Just the two of them now.

“Good morning Mairi,” said Dr. X, slowly running the backside of his nails along her chin and up the side of her jaw stopping near her right temple. Mairi turned her head, her neck muscles straining in silent protest. His nails felt glass smooth and warm against her skin; his breath smelled of honeysuckle. “The less you resist, the less pain you will endure,” said Dr. X, letting his hands linger on the strange tactile feel of her skin, his eyes slightly ablaze with anticipation. “I’m not here to hurt you Mairi.”

Mairi pushed herself back against the slab. Even her eyes rolled down, wishing they had legs and could run. “Do you know why you are here child?”

Mairi shook her head, unable or unwilling to speak, she wasn’t sure.

“You are the elusive Null our scientists have been searching for, for years no less without success. Many in the community questioned whether such an entity existed. Imagine our surprise and excitement when your vessel mysteriously appeared in our sector. Still, many have their doubts, and many would have me burn you at the stake, such is the fear at the potential power you have within that red head of yours. Always a fear of the unknown, such a pity really; yet, here we are, just me and you,” whispered Dr. X, inhaling the fear radiating from the surface of her skin. Such a sweet delicious smell he thought.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” said Mairi, her voice cracking with the absurdity of his claim. “You know my friends would be very interested to know that I possess such power. I’m sure they would tremble in fear once they picked themselves off the floor from laughter. I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I think you’ve got the wrong girl.”

Dr. X smiled. “Perhaps you are correct. Duty, however, dictates that I must be absolutely certain. Your head is not the only one at stake.”

“Do what you will, there is nothing to find,” said Mairi, regretting her choice of words almost before they were uttered.

“Well, my dear, that’s the plan. Glad to hear we are in agreement,” his hands moving to the buttons on her blouse.

“What the frail do you think you are doing,” yelled Mairi, squirming against the ropes that bound her.

“Yell if you must, but I have to tell you this room is sound proof, not that there is anyone who would come to the aid of your plaintive wailing. Relax, I promised I’m not here to hurt you,” said Dr. X as his golden fingers unbuttoned the remaining enclosures. With one quick movement he ripped the blouse from her shoulders. Mairi’s eyes grew wide with the sudden violence of the movement as if she had been slapped back into the reality of her utter vulnerability.

Dr. X placed a knife against her chest. The blade was cold, polished chrome shinny and looked much larger than it actually was. My Janus, thought Mairi as she closed her eyes, have mercy. “Quiet child,” commanded Dr. X, the blade flashing quickly, her bra cut in two. “Buck up, I’m just looking.”

Mairi fought. The ropes pulled tighter, cutting into her skin. A drop of blood splattered on the floor. Dr. X stood back, his eyes marveling at the strange anatomy of the alien before him. These orbs, flesh colored at the base, muted into shades of blue at the tips, which seemed to have a slight sheen, perhaps a light glow to them. His curiosity got the best of him. Reaching out, his hands traced the outside of those soft yet firm melon-shaped appendages.

Mairi bit her lip, the pain of her hands temporary forgotten. Her eyelips slammed shut as if they alone could wipe the present moment from existence.

His fingers were warm and gentle. My Janus, she thought, is my body going to betray me, confused with her inability to stop the bluish pulsing of her chest. Her nipples hardened and grew more luminous, vestiges of Hynerian evolution.

Pinching her nipples, watching them grow harder, watching them throb, his mind was locked on hers and there it was, the opening. BAM!

+Hi Mairi, can you hear me?+

Stunned for just a second, she responded, +Yes.+

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