“Yul,” said Trev, searching for the right words, “I can’t begin to imagine I understand how you feel.”

Yul’s eyes widened and she stood as if frozen. Her look turned the room frigid causing Trev’s words to tumble forth with the grace of calving icebergs. His ears burned with the echo of regret. She sighed. He hung his head.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything,” said Trev, his eyes locked on the floor as he turned to leave.

“Hey, Trev,” called Yul. “I know you mean well and I’m sorry to take my frustration out on you. I know you’ve done everything you can. I’m just irritated. That’s all. Feel helpless.”

Trev looked up, his cheeks forming a smile his eyes could not match. “Been a long day. I wish I could do more, that I could–”

“Hellocks,” said Yul, “been a long week. Let it go. So what do we do?”

“Find a liquid cure,” suggested Trev, a little surprised he let that slip. Not exactly the answer to inspire the confidence he craved.

“The hynerian who doesn’t drink snizzle?” teased Yul, raising her eyebrows in mock surprise.

“Yeah, well, I never said I didn’t enjoy a little snoot. About the only way I made it through medical school. Ever heard of Blue Snoot?”

Three hours later . . .

“Hey flashboy, take my picture,” purred Yul, her blue tongue sliding smoothly over her warm honeyed lips, the tip, spearlike, glistening in the soft bluish starlight. Bending over, her impeccably manicured fingers seductively released another silver horned button from her venusian leather vest. Her eyes, wet with lust, locked on his. “How do you like me now,” said Yul, arching her back and spanking her own tight and taut round venusian clad rear, an impish grin on her face.

Trev felt lightheaded as the oxygen rich blood in his head departed south; he sat in hopes of concealing their eager relocation. He wasn’t sure which was more intoxicating—Yul, the snoot or his own wicked imagination. Such incredible symmetry he thought, unable to take his eyes off the perfectly formed arch of Yul’s back. And how was it possible he wondered that those leather tights fit like a second skin, his mind swimming in the pure lust of a simple curve.

Yul looked up at Trev, “You’re holding back the candy like a one-year old. Did you come,” she paused in the luxury of her tease, “to look or have you got something to show me,” said Yul, falling to the floor before Trev. Placing her hands on his knees, her nails traced small circles before slowly spreading his legs. His legs trembled but otherwise offered no resistance.

Trev didn’t notice his legs shaking. He was occupied elsewhere as Yul ran her nails up the side of his thighs. Yul was unrelenting. She moved closer as her nails moved up Trev’s chest. Bending over to kiss his forehead, her cleavage resting just below his chin, her hair cascaded around his head like a peep-show curtain. “Oh my, you do taste sweet,” said Yul, her own eyes half closed as her legs wrapped around Trev’s hips. Why was it, she mused, forbidden fruit always seemed to taste so damn good.

Trev froze. His hands awkwardly still on the side of the chair, his body charged with lust, his mind stuck, unable to move. Yul flicked her tongue against his cheek, moving her warm wet lips to his left ear. Gently sucking his young, warm, tender lobe, she smiled as she felt his chest nervously expand. Biting his lobe while pinching his nipples she whispered, “You know, hon, if I didn’t love Rog, I would frail you right here, right now, like you’ve never been frailed before. Probably do us both some good. Janus knows it wouldn’t take much.”

Trev’s eyes glazed over as only young girls who still believe in love do. Yul molded her body into his, a little something to remember she thought, a little something to help perhaps, or maybe just because it felt good. “Sweet dreams darlin’, said Yul with a wink as she stood before leaving.

Trev sat stunned. His mind lost in what just happened when he realized he could move his hands again. Wouldn’t be the first time, or the last, he thought, grabbing a towel and heading to bed.

Music recommendations for this chapter: When Will I See You Again–The Three Degrees 😀 For a slightly different flavor try this one with Chris Isaak’s Changed Your Mind.

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