“Yul, Rog is awake and he’s asking for you,” said Trev.

“On my way,” responded Yul.

I go nowhere high
Go nowhere warm
Until I see your smile and feel your calm
And I lick a dime
I crave for you boy
You’re like a parachute descending from the sky

Running down the corridor, Yul flung open the lab door nearly knocking Trev down in her rush to see Rog. Still lying in bed, his eyes looked sleepy and somewhat dull from the pain meds. She was stunned by just how quickly his body seemed to be deteriorating. Skin once tight and firm and hard now appeared loose and baggy, accentuating the wrinkles formed from his ever present smile into folds of valleys. His arms, once like bulging pythons had been transformed into withering twigs barely capable of lifting their own weight. He hardly looked like the same hynerian.

And I’m sure you’re on your way
Yes I’m sure you’re on the road

“I’m here Rog,” whispered Yul with a tenderness born of fear that even words could do him harm if spoken too loudly.

Rog looked at Yul without moving his face, his eyes slowly rotating in their sockets as if it took every last ounce of energy just to maneuver them. Then he smiled causing the folds of skin on his cheeks to pull tight like a tent being stretched. She had promised herself she would be strong but the power of his smile unleashed a torrent of tears washing away the last of her resolve.

I go nowhere high
Go nowhere warm
Until you’re by my side
Your hand in mine
And I’ve always known
You’re like a feather
You go where wind and fire melt together

“Hold my hand Yul,” said Rog, his eyes working hard to stay focused on her face. “You know, I am a very lucky hynerian, very, very lucky my dear.”

“How is that Rog,” said Yul with a slight sniffle, no longer caring that she couldn’t control the flow of tears.

“Because I have you and I have come to realize there is nothing more in the universe I need, nothing more I want than to know that you are here for me, now and forever.”

Yul melted. Rog became blurry in her eyes as she gripped his hands as only lovers on the edge can do. “I love you Rog and we will pull through this, together, me and you.”

“Yes, me and you, together,” said Rog, his voice barely audible, his smile starting to fade. “I’m feeling tired Yul. I think I’m going to sleep now.”

Yul gritted her teeth and nodded her head. “Okay baby. Okay.”

And I’m sure you’re on your way
Yes I’m sure you’re on the road
And I’m sure you’re faster than before
Yes I know you’re somewhere on the road
I reckon there is nothing more to say

Music for this chapter courtesy of Kate Havnevik’s Nowhere Warm on the Melankton album. Rog developed a taste for Norwegian music back on earth. There will be a quiz later on this subject.

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