Trev stood waiting on the ramp, his silhouette backlit with golden light from inside the ship. He saw Von and Em first, carrying what looked like enough weapons to blow the bay doors if need be. They moved with a stern urgency barely glancing his way. Right behind them was an odd shaped figure and what looked to be Yul attached to it.

“Trev, give me a hand,” yelled Kyra over the din of explosions. Lying Rog on the stretcher, Kyra grabbed Trev by the shoulders forcing his eyes to meet hers. Trev had seen that intensity once before. “There will be no try Trev. You make this happen. I want Rog back just exactly the way he was.” Kyra seemed not to blink. Neither her hands nor her eyes let go of Trev.

“I’m going to need help,” responded Trev.

“Yul, go with him. Now move. Go,” said Kyra. “Von, where are you?”

“In the command center,” said Von.

“Update on those doors?”

“Internal damage to the ship’s central computers is forcing me to bypass normal routing and access the redundant conduit, which I’m assuming actually exists. If it doesn’t—“

“If it doesn’t you will find a way Von,” interrupted Kyra.

Von smiled. “Yes ma’am. I will find a way.”

“Kyra, come in, this is Trev.”

“Go ahead.”

“Rog has lost a lot of blood. More than we have in the lab to replace. His right arm requires more expertise than I have if it is to be saved. Assuming . . .”

“Assuming what Trev?”

“Kyra, Rog has severe trauma to the upper spine and central chest cavity. I am doing everything I can,” said Trev. “But . . .”

“Damn it Trev, say what’s on your mind. But what?”

“But without a miracle, I’m not sure how he is going to survive. The hynerian body was not designed to take this much punishment. Even if I had disposal of a first-class emergency facility I’m not sure we could do anything more than prolong the inevitable.”

“Then by Janus, prolong. Prolong like you’ve never prolonged before. You’re the only chance he has Trev. There is no one else,” said Kyra.

“Von? Give me some good—“ A massive explosion rocked the bay. Orange red flames reflected off the glassy surfaces of Kyra’s blue eyes like fire on the sea. And then, silence followed darkness as it must be when one slips peacefully into the depths of the ocean.

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