“Rog, oh my Janus, what the frail happened to you?” said Yul, fighting back the tears. Rog’s roughhewn body, lying limp, his eyes dark, lifeless, turned her stomach inside out. “This can’t be. It can’t be. It won’t happen like this! Von, tell me it won’t happen like this.”

“He’ll live,” said Von. “I suggest we get back to ship,” lowering his eyes in Yul’s direction. “Kyra, can you walk?”

“I’ll be fine, but we aren’t leaving Mairi.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about us leaving her,” said Von. “She’s already gone.”

“What?” asked Kyra.

“I saw two escape pods. I would bet my shield Mairi was in one of them. The Vollmond’s are going to destroy this vessel, and if we don’t get off this deathtrap, Mairi will be the least of our concerns.”

“Trev, prepare Bravo for immediate launch and lower the ramp. We’ve got wounded,” said Kyra. “Emy, help Von with the weapons. Yul, I’m going to need your help with Rog.”

Yul lifted Rog onto Kyra’s back, her hands sticky with his dark red blood. He had never felt so heavy nor had she ever felt so strong.


“What is it Trev?”

“We’re not going anywhere if we can’t get the bay doors open.”

Kyra looked at Von with more than just the weight of Rog on her shoulders. “I’ll take care of the bay doors,” said Von. “Tell Trev to prepare the lab. Rog will need his full concentration.”

“Trev? commed Kyra.”

“I heard. What’s wrong with Rog?”

“Hard to tell in the dark. Looks like severe las shot wounds. He’s lost a lot of blood. Get your mind right Trev. We are not going to lose him. Do you hear me. We will not lose Rog.”

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