“This is Red Leader. We have target lock. Request permission to fire.”

“Permission granted Red Leader. Fire at will, fire without mercy,” responded Kulmyk command.

“Roger, commencing firing procedure.”

“Holy Shiott, what was that?” asked Yul trying to regain her balance.

“Not good,” said Kyra. “Sounded like an external explosion. Trev, are you picking up anything?”

“Give me just a sec,” said Trev. “Kyra, can you hear me?”

“Loud and clear Trev. What’s up?”

“Appears we’re not alone. Two small craft, unidentified with apparent hostile intent.”

Before Kyra could respond another loud explosion knocked everyone to the floor.

“Papa, can I help?” asked Kyra.

“Absolutely. Come take the handle and gently tip the nozzle letting the water nourish those flowers to your right,” said Papa.

“Why do you water these flowers everyday Papa?”

“Whatever you water grows my dear sweet child. Water the love and joy and compassion in your heart and watch them grow. Likewise, water anger, bitterness and resentment, and they too will flourish. Ask yourself, each morning–”

“Kyra, Kyra, wake up,” yelled Yul, shaking her by the arm. The last series of explosions had thrown Kyra into the wall, knocking her unconscious. Smoke began to fill the corridor. Alarms blared. Breathing became difficult and eyes watered.

“Where is Rog? asked Kyra, slowly opening her eyes.

“Von is bringing him back.”

“And Mairi?”

“We don’t know.”

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