Initial impressions from last night’s performance at the Mercy Lounge—in incomplete sentences:

A voice sublime, control masterful, depth apparently unlimited, neither strained nor subdued, modulated with artisan flair and delivered with effortless elegant ease. Her smile, contagious, infectious, beautiful and seductive. Her eyes, brilliant, dancing, alive, communicating a present moment here and now joy with every glance. Movement fluid, dynamic, melding uniquely with each individual rhythm, at times like silk in a spring breeze and at other times spontaneously released with playful abandon. A spirit youthful and sophisticated; optimistic and circumspect; joyful and introspectively soulful.

Her voice simply must be heard live to understand and appreciate the gift she embodies and delivers to her audience. Thanks Annette, Tony and Kip for a performance that exceeded all of my lofty expectations. All the best with The Colors In the Wheel.