You and I, my friend, are we really all that different? Do we not share the same fears, worries, concerns? Do we not have the same needs–water, food, shelter, love? Do we not ponder the same mysteries, ask the same questions? Come walk with me for awhile. Tell me what you see so that I might better understand the shared existence between you and I. Lean on me while I feel strong, for the day will come when I am the one that will need you, your strength, your hope, your insight and wisdom, and most of all, your love.

Hold my hand, my sweet, such that I might feel the beat of your heart and likewise you mine. Let our hearts beat in harmony to a wisdom beyond words, a wisdom seen in the sparkle of an eye in the moonlight, standing on that bridge that overlooks the ocean. Smell the fresh ocean air. Listen to the crashing of the waves and feel the cool air through your hair. As I said last November, Fear not the fall, what my arms might miss, my heart will catch.