C is with me for the summer. He has a bit of weight to lose and so we have started the process of a program and education concerning exercise and diet. In the course of our conversation I mentioned that he needed to take ownership in this effort, to discipline himself in the choices before him.

Ownership is a word I’ve used for the last twenty years in business and I use it like second nature–perhaps even over use it. As soon as I said it, however, I could see the look on his face implied he had no idea what the heck the term meant, which made me think, what does it really mean. I explained to him the “surface” meaning, but deeper down the question brought up my philosophical side, surprise, surprise.

Here is what spilled out in my comments to Kel yesterday, which, by the way, is a blog worth the time to explore.

Do we really own anything? Can we really call anything ours? Do we really create anything? Or, perhaps just maybe, we manifest and/or allow to flow through our temporal self a greater force? I have thoughts, but do I originate them? Think about it. Do you originate a single thought? Or do they flow and we only guide them after they manifest?

This line of thought humbles me and keeps me grounded. Oh, and if I don’t own anything, why do I horde so much? Why do I covet what was never mine and never will be mine? Do I miss the flow because I stand outside of it? Do I miss life because my ego is too busy taking credit for what was never mine to begin with?

I want to swim in that flow, I want to swim in Love, with the greater current. In the mood for a dip? 🙂