So, it’s an early bday present from Ms Mario. Arrived yesterday, and well, since it was here, why wait till next week to enjoy–right? 😀

So, we buy all the stuff and start to make our first margarita. I prepare for three drinks, ice loaded, all the stuff too, and then I turn it on. Duh, I forgot to select for three drinks as the default was for one. So I redo with two drinks selected to add more ice. Drinks come out thinner than I like–I do like my frozen margaritas to be ice cone thick. So we slam down these three in order to make more–the right way of course.

Second batch of three drinks is ready. Ice–check; the stuff–check; proper three drink setting–check. Blend drinks and still they are not as thick as I like. So, I pull out the manual and read what I need to do to make them thicker. So, we slam down those three drinks in order to make more–the right way of course.

Third batch of three–perfect! Or at least in the state I was in by that time they certainly seemed perfect—lol! I was a little skeptical that a machine for the home could really do a great job. It does. Will be testing again tonight just to make sure my endorsement still stands.

So tonight, I’ll be putting my new found expertise to use. Anyone care to join me? Bring your swimsuit and meet me out back by the pool. Drinks on me tonight. 🙂