How many times in your life have you felt absolutely, positively alive? How many times have you felt an energy about yourself that you could neither explain nor wish away, an energy outside of time and place, an energy that reverberated in the depths of your soul, an energy beyond excitement, beyond infatuation, beyond words to describe?

How many times have you worn the cloak of passion, worn a look in your eye, a bounce in your step that was instantly recognized by all who came in contact with you? How many times have you touched, have you swam in this sacred harmony with the flow of life?

The image above brings back many fond memories of those moments. I see the red of passion covered in a bright flash of electricity and the two together taking flight in defiance of the laws of gravity, spreading wings and lifting me up to places and heights I never knew existed, places that once visited forever change the landscape of your mind.

Slideshow from Blunt’s performance at the Ryman. Photos taken at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville thanks to Heather, aka babe!


On a side note, little Maria, had to have several teeth pulled this afternoon. Poor little baby is on pain meds and antibiotics for the next few days. She was shaking like a leaf when I dropped her off this morning. And you don’t even want to know how much having a handful of teeth pulled in a Yorkie costs. She wasn’t the only one saying ouch. 😀