“Rog, thank Janus you’re here,” said Yul. “This vortex, or whatever it is, is sucking us right into it.”

Rog stared out the main window. The view intoxicated as much as the snoot in his system and he felt himself transfixed at the incredible beauty and power of nature.

“Rog! Did you hear me?” shouted Yul. “Snap out of it.” Rog instinctively ducked, still smarting from the blow from Von.

“I hear you darlin’. Full reverse.”

“Already tried that. It’s still pulling us in.”

“Full auxiliary then, redline if you have to with blast shields in retro.”

“Rog, I don’t think you are listening. We’ve done that. It ain’t working darlin’.

“Okay, okay, I’m open for suggestions.”

“We were kinda hoping you had a few,” interjected Emy.

Rog looked at Emy and back to Yul. “Sound the general alarm and strap in and I hope no one is wearing new underwear today. Oh, and buzz Von, I think we are all gonna need a little of his private reserve.”