Rog took a seat across from Von’s desk. The old Hynerian mainly kept to himself and few onboard knew much about him or his past. He loved to tinker with the mechanical aspects of the ship and perhaps knew more about how things worked than anyone else. His aloofness was such that the much younger crew often forgot Von was even onboard.

As quickly as Rog sat he stood up. “Sorry to bother you Von, I’m not sure why I came here, but I won’t waste anymore of your time.”

Von smiled over the top of his oculars. “I think the one thing we all have in abundance is time. Sit down and join me in a drink, southern snoot, I understand you quite like the stuff.”

“Where the hell—“

“Don’t ask,” said Von as he poured the amber liquid in heated crystal snifters, releasing vapors that rolled forth with smooth deliberateness. Half the pleasure of snoot rested in that rich sweet aroma of anticipation, which alone could intoxicate.

Rog held his glass under his nose. Taking a deep breath, half closing his eyes he allowed his mind to wander to better times. He hadn’t had a glass of snoot since they had left Hyneria. Taking the first sip Rog grinned at the familiar warm burning sensation of fine aged snoot on the tongue. There was nothing else quite like it back home.

Von took a sip, rolling the precious liquor with a grin to match Rog’s. “Good stuff, wouldn’t you say.”

“Damn Von, if I had known.”

“Time and place for everything my friend.” Von took another sip, letting the warm liquid smooth the rough edges of the day. “I don’t take it you came by for a social call. What’s on your mind?”

Rog lifted his glass and slammed back the remainder. “Pour me another Von,” said Rog, the grin gone. “I think I might need a little help.”

“Let me guess,” responded Von. “You were in the iso ward with Kyra and you saw a few things, perhaps even felt a few things you can’t explain. These things are making you question everything you thought you knew about yourself and it scares the hell out of you.”

“How could you know that?”

Von laughed. “You might be sorry you asked.”

“Von,” said Rog, taking another long swig of snoot, “I feel like a chasm opened up in that room and the world I knew is now on the other side of the world I’m in. And the crazy thing is, I have no fricken idea what the hell I’m talking about but I can feel it in my bones.”

“Walk over to my closet. I’ve got something you might find of interest.”