“Who’s there?” asked Yul.

“You damn well know who’s there, open the door,” shot back Rog.

Yul unlocked the door and made sure the first thing Rog saw as he entered her quarters was her backside. Like Kyra, Yul believed in wearing form-fitting leather as only a woman with something to display would. She didn’t understand all that Zing Tao mumbo jumbo Kyra liked to talk about but she loved the workouts Kyra put them through, and apparently so did Rog.

“You’re not still pissed at me are you darlin?” said Rog, trying to project a tone of forgiveness into the wrong words. Yul wasn’t sure if Rog was just boneheaded at times or overconfident in his own charm. Of course, a large part of Rog’s appeal was his confidence, but he was going to have to work a little harder if he wanted to caress the inside of her vespersian black leather today.

“Oh Rog,” Yul purred in her best false seductress voice purposefully sitting in her chair, not the bed, with legs crossed, “whatever makes you say that?” If looks good change the ambient temperature Yul succeeded.

“Hon, you know if I had taken you down to Neraj we would probably still be there. Besides, you should thank me for saving you from one helluva ride.”

Yul laughed, “You just don’t know when to stop do you. Since when have I not loved one helluva ride. So–”

Rog moved behind Yul, his strong rough-hewn hands resting on her shoulders. His fingers just touching her collar bone while his thumbs slowly massaged ever deepening circles along her shoulder blade. “Don’t even go there. She’s just a girl. Beside, you know what they say about absence,” said Rog, his tone influenced as much by the curve and cleavage of Yul’s twins as much as any sense of absence.

“Rog, hon, if you throw one more ‘besides’ into the conversation I’m going to slap you.” Yul sat up a little straighter, in part to give Rog’s thumbs a better angle and in part to make sure her twins, as she liked to call her main frontal assets, were on full display. She had purposely positioned her chair so see could see Rog’s reflection behind her. Of course, she didn’t need the reflection to tell her where Rog’s eyes were or his intentions.

“So, what did you and Em do with all that spare time once you returned to the surface? Several hours with nothing to do. Come on Rog, I know you better than that. She might be a girl, as you say, but you can’t deny she is a very attractive and sexy little girl.” Oh this is fun, thought Yul.

Rog laughed. “Oh Yul, you are good. Okay, okay, so I shagged the little vixen silly. You should have seen her, the poor child could hardly walk and you would have thought the cat had stolen her tongue. Oh, and–” Rog caught himself just at the line between playful and needlessly hurtful.

“And what darlin,” cooed Yul. “Please don’t stop on my account.”

Before Rog could answer the mood was broken by Trev’s somber voice. “Rog and Yul, Kyra needs you both in my lab right now.”

Yul immediately stood up. “Let’s go Rog. Oh, and Rog?”


“We ain’t finished here,” said Yul, slapping Rog hard on the rear.