First known sketch of Kyra

All things known (so far) about Kyra: (updating through the day)

(1) Hynerian
(2) Parents were marine biologists (not home much)
(3) Primarily raised by her grandparents
(4) Papa Kyra (Zeke) was a famous Zing Tao master of the ninth order
(5) Leader of Bravo-Four-Zero
(6) Possessed initiative in spades
(7) Not overly aggressive
(8) Not terribly charismatic (this may change)
(9) Not one to socialize
(10) Spends lot of time in her quarters
(11) Has her childhood shell collection onboard
(12) Spent a lot of time at the family retreat on Valla cove
(13) Papa helped her collect and build her shell project
(14) She loved the beach and the retreat
(15) She valued the peace and quiet and reflective, introspective atmosphere at Valla
(16) Papa bequeathed his prized Blue Onyx ring to Kyra when she came of age
(17) She always wore the ring on a chain around her neck
(18) She never ever took it off
(19) Much of what she knows and who she is comes from Papa and his lessons
(20) Papa and Kyra were rarely seen apart
(21) “Trust not the eye alone” was a phrase she heard repeatedly from Papa
(22) Kyra’s imagination amazed her crew mates
(23) Papa built Goldie for Kyra
(24) Goldie was built in Grandma Kyra’s likeness
(25) Papa finished Goldie within six months of grandma passing away
(26) This was Papa’s way to right the injustice of Kyra losing her grandmother so soon
(27) Kyra had onboard every postcard, letter and note Papa had written to her
(28) Kyra had struggled to find a Hynerian that matched her Papa
(29) She often wondered if her sights and expectations were too high
(30) She agonized on whether her expectations led her to pass on happiness
(31) She loved snizzle in the morning
(32) She drank her snizzle in a handmade off-white cup
(33) She missed Papa very much
(34) His scent was still found on the postcards and she often closed her eyes and with one breath he was clearly near again
(35) Kyra had her Juju birds onboard
(36) Papa had used Juju birds in Kyra’s studies
(37) In addition to Papa’s ring, Kyra also had Grand’s brooch
(38) Grandma Kyra had given Kyra the brooch on her death bed
(39) The brooch personified the love Papa had for Grand
(40) She gave it to Kyra to “close the circle”
(41) “When you hold this brooch, you hold love”
(42) ““I love you my dear sweet child. Keep this brooch. Hold it close to your heart and know that the gleam of light in your eye is the sparkle of my soul forever protecting you with the shield of love given to me by your papa and which I now bestow upon you.”
(43) Kyra’s quarters on Bravo-Four-Zero comprised an entire wall as a picture window to the universe
(44) She spends a great deal of time gazing in amazement at the wonders before her
(45) Kyra is 5’6″ tall
(46) She has coal black hair that falls just below her shoulder blades
(47) She mostly wore her hair “up”
(48) She has brilliant sparkling blue eyes
(49) Showcased with picture perfect cheeks
(50) She is in her late twenties
(51) Kyra had a natural curiosity
(52) Her body was hewn by years of loving “Zing Tao” practice/play
(53) She had the strength and skill of a third year Zing Tao novice by the time she entered university
(54) Kyra’s natural abilities exceeded Papa’s and he knew it
(55) Papa knew she has “the gift” that no amount of teaching could bestow
(56) Kyra could master the way as no Hynerian before if she choose to apply herself
(57) Kyra was striking in her presence
(58) One knew when she walked into a room
(59) She was not a wordy Hynerian
(60) Her eyes were set slightly wide
(61) Although her personality was not charismatic, her physical presence did command attention in a charismatic way
(62) She did not seek leadership of Bravo-Four-Zero
(63) She did, however, not resist her natural place when acknowledged by the others as the one to lead them
(64) She is at the peak of her physical powers
(65) Her power is more than just the physical
(66) Her mental strength far surpasses her physical abilities
(67) Kyra was not one to beat around the bush
(68) She did have a very playful sense of humor
(69) Small talk was a waste of time in her eyes
(70) She enjoyed philosophical conversation
(71) She walked with the grace and prowess of a jungle cat
(72) She had long agile fingers
(73) She loved to wear form-fitting black leather
(74) She had a wicked grin, when the situation called for it
(75) Clear awareness of how she comes across
(76) Kyra has a natural ability to read faces for the truth
(77) Papa always said she would have made one kickass interrogator
(78) She is older than Trev but younger than Rog
(79) She has a holographic helmet she uses for meditation exercises
(80) She could breath with the grace and elegance of a Zing Tao master
(81) Papa taught her general principles of leadership
(82) She does not micro manage
(83) Papa also taught Kyra how to “walk”
(84) Kyra had feelings for Kieran
(85) She was not immune from those feelings overwhelming her
(86) She had never shared those feelings with anyone
(87) She loved the Pufferbills and the time alone with Papa
(88) She makes it to earth