“Yul, do you read me,” said Rog.

“Loud and clear darlin’. I must say I don’t think your voice has ever sounded quite so good. ETA?”

“Slap that homing vector on my little pod Yul and I’ll be onboard before you forget just how good I sound. Should I expect a little–”

“Uhmmm, let me think about that. No.”

“You were breaking up on me Yul, was that a yes.”

“You’re incorrigible you know that.”

“So I’m told. An acquired taste I’d like to think. Can you put Kyra on?”

“She’s in with Kieran at the moment.”

“Let her know we got the medicine. Have Trev meet me in the landing bay. And tell him to be careful. This stuff doesn’t like sudden movement.

“Roger that Rog,” laughed Yul. “You know I always wanted to say that.”

“Very funny hon. Not now Snazzle,” said Rog.

“Rog,” interrupted Em, “I think you better take a look at the monitor.”

“Yul, what the . . .”

“Rog, are you there.”

“Yul, lock on. Yul, can you hear me. Yul?”

“Damn, Em. Hang tight. Snazzle, manual override. Now Snazzle!”