This is why we fight. Sad news indeed.

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From my August 9th post:

Dana Reeve, 44, just ten months after her husband Christopher Reeve passed away, has learned she has lung cancer. She displayed great courage and devotion to Christopher throughout his illness and death and now must summon the strength just a few months later to wage a battle for her very own life.

Dana is a non-smoker and at such a young age, we see once again this terrible disease attacking those we would least expect. One can only imagine the pain and anguish between mother and son tonight. Dana’s son, Will, is 13. What that young man is experiencing is beyond my comprehension. To lose his dad, and now, today, to learn his mother has cancer. Thoughts and prayers to two courageous and caring individuals as they face another agonizing battle.

In her own words: “I hope before too long to be sharing news of my good health and recovery.”

“Now, more than ever, I feel Chris with me as I face this challenge,” said the 44-year-old actress. “As always, I look to him as the ultimate example of defying the odds with strength, courage, and hope.”

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