Kyra stood lost in thought in front of the picture window that comprised her port wall. Running the length of her cabin and from floor to ceiling, she had an unparallel view of the universe unfolding. The sights that delighted her eyes came by the hour, words failed to materialized to describe the show of power and light the cosmos seemed to be putting on just for her. As a child, she never dreamed that one day she would be blessed with such a magnificent room, a room with a view.

Kyra stood five feet six inches tall. Her coal black hair fell just below her shoulder blades. Mostly she wore it up, which gave center stage to her brilliant sparkling blue eyes showcased with picture perfect cheeks. Kyra’s eyes lit up a room when she entered. They seemed larger and more expressive than they should be. More than once, she had charmed her way with Papa with just a look. And Papa wasn’t the only one who had gotten lost in their jewel like brilliance.

Blessed with a natural curiosity, she had begged Papa to teach her the routines she had seen him practice so many times. By the time she was old enough to enter university, Kyra had developed a body hewn from years of loving practice, trying to be like Papa. She never saw what she did as a workout nor did she take account of her developing skill. Papa knew. His baby Kyra had developed the strength and skill of a third year Zing Tao novice, and she hadn’t even begun to apply herself. For Kyra, she just wanted to be like Papa. Besides, she was having fun. Papa hadn’t seen so much natural aptitude for the Zing Tao way since, well, since he entered the order.

Papa knew, her abilities surpassed his. A gift from above, for no amount of effort could give one what Kyra had—the ability to master the way, if she chose. Like two suns orbiting each other, Papa and Kyra shared a bond others could only wonder. They spoke a language only like minds could understand. A look, a nod, a smile, sometimes that was all that was necessary. That Kyra was still single, well, where does one find another Papa.

“Kyra, Trevor, is requesting your presence in the lab. Says it’s urgent.” Goldie’s loving tone, just like Grandma, never betrayed alarm. If only everyone could communicate with such loving kindness thought Kyra. Must be important, for Trev was not one to overreact. That urgent part of the message concerned her.

“Tell Trevor I’m on my way.”

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