On weekends the Metalunans loved to sail on Tigerland Sea. At night the flowing waters glowed honey yellow and burnt orange and the sky filled with the many moons that gave Metaluna its name and Squorks their home. Coming from a water world, the Hynerians were more than thrilled to experience the unworldly butter-like flowing waves and swells. Tigerland water wrapped itself around sea going vessels and carried the occupants like a mother cradling a new born baby. The eyes saw danger but the sea spoke otherwise.

Metalunans claimed that most all their scientific breakthroughs occurred by scientists sailing on Tigerland. No one could yet explain the relationship between the sea and idea generation, yet the gentle flow of the swells undeniably created a stillness of mind much like deep meditation.

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time, and the Hynerians were certainly in the right place to explore their next move. For now, time to sit back and simply enjoy the kindness of strangers.