Close up view of a Metalunan Squork. Half Metalunan and half mechanical, these creatures took centuries to develop and perfect. Legend says there is no finer small fighter craft in the universe than a battle-hardened Squork.

Squorks begin life on the moons of Spherion. Aggressive by nature, they lived unknown to the outside universe as scavengers, feeding on anything that came close to their natural habitat, the space around the seven moons. Because food was scare, only the strongest and brightest Squorks survived. Their skill at stealth, maneuver, and attack are without peer for their size.

Metalunans befriended the creatures, domesticated them, and over time, converted their natural aggression to protection of Metalunan fleets. Scientists discovered Squorks have a rare and unique chemistry that allows them to integrate inanimate matter into their living tissues. With that discovery it was only a matter of time before Squorks were equipped with the latest Metalunan technology.

Bravo-Four-Zero’s first contact with intelligent life outside of Hyneria were Metalunan Squorks.