No one aboard Bravo-Four-Zero had experience in deep space flight or proper navigation in three dimensions. Staring at the crystal navigation globe supplied in every Hynerian vessel, no one could make heads or tails of the mirror-like images that told of the universe before them. The images looked all the same.

Of course, since they were heading into the uncharted territories no one could really understand why it mattered. Still, there was a sinking feeling that without at least knowing where they had been or how to read the crystal, they were doomed to go in circles like a baby pampus following its own tail. Every Hynerian had grown up with a pet pampus, and everyone had had their laughs watching the ignorant silliness involved in pampus tail chasing. Somehow, no one was laughing now.

Happens every time. No one knew how to read or understand the crystal navigation globe, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided pushing a few buttons was in order. Almost immediately the crystal responded to a certain series of key strokes, which to this day no one can remember exactly what they were.

The globe began to glow yellow and orange and red where before the cooler whites and blues had been. Not only did the sphere change color, but it also changed shape. The smooth glass surface gave way to what appeared to be a contour map, the meaning of which no one could surmise. Wonder, however, quickly gave way to fear as the ship whip lashed the crew, lurching forward with purposeful intent and changing course with such violence as to throw anyone and everything not secure tumbling to the floor.

Bravo-Four-Zero was moving with purpose and intent at full speed ahead. Just where they were headed, no one knew.